Fusion Deposit Management (FusionDM)

FUSION Deposits Management Module (FusionDM) is the core module which is being used for the fund mobilization operation. FDM is designed to cater to various types of user definable FD products and capable of handling and managing the entire lifecycle of FD facilities.
Following are some of the key features made available in the module.

• Account application (New / Renewals)
• Premature renewals
• Renewals with additions/deductions
• Grant Approvals
• Certificate Printing
• Deposit Settlements
• Cancellation of Deposits
• Deposit Inquiry
• Interest rate Customisations
• Deposit Maintenance (Info Mgt)
• Renewal Notices
• Renewal Cancellations
• FD Pledging for Leases / Loans
• Monthly Interest Process
• FD Auto Renewals

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