Fusion Lending Management (FusionLM)

Fusion Lending Management module (FusionLM) is known as the 'Flag ship' product of LOITS. The module is designed to conduct, monitor & control the entire lending process from the point of submitting a quotation to Termination of an agreement including of handling collection of dues, recoveries and legal process. Uniqueness of (FusionLM) is that capability of handling different lending products such as Leases, Hire purchases and all types of Loans within the same interfaces and using the same process.
Listed below are some of the key functionalities of the FUSION Lending Module.

• Trial Calculator
• Lease / Loan Application
• Credit Appraisal
• Purchase Order Generation
• Contract Re-Scheduling
• Pre – Termination
• Re-assignment of Contracts
• Recoveries Process
• Legal Process
• Supports multi-currency transactions


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