Fusion Gold Financing System (FusionPB)

Fusion Gold Financing System provides supports the entire life cycle of Gold Financing process. Starts with customer creation this module take care of creating a pawn ticket and approval based on an approval hierarchy, fund disbursement, periodic interest calculations and re-payments. This module consists of user friendly features. Ability of creating different pawn products, Ability of defining pawning articles without user data entering for each and every facility, provide customer insight based on NIC number can be highlighted as such features.

Following are some of the key features made available in the module.

• Create / Modify Pawn Products
• Maintain Pawning Article Descriptions
• Create / Approve Pawn Ticket
• Printing Pawn Ticket
• Cancellations
• Pawn Inquiry
• Pawn receipting
• Renewal Reminders
• Pawn Renewals


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