GRC Services

Our GRC services team can help your organization to manage the information security challenges through range of advisory and assurance services.

A transparent view of governance, risk and compliance will ensure your IT strategy is aligned with your business strategy. Managing IT risk is based on your perception of control environment and the regulatory needs combined with the information systems that runs your business. Aligning your practices to internationally recognized standards and best practices would ensure your business is run as a well-oiled machine

Your Challenges

In today's business context across the globe organizations face new governance requirements, higher compliance standards and constantly increasing stakeholder expectations.

You may think?

  • Is my confidential information protected?
  • Who has access to my sensitive data?
  • How should my organization respond to emerging threats?
  • How my suppliers handle my sensitive data?
  • Do my competitors have access to my information?
  • Is my network well protected from outside attacks?
  • Can someone take out my production database?
  • Is there a "black sheep" in my office, who leaks my sensitive information?
  • How do I comply with legislations, regulations and industry standard requirements?
  • How can I manage my "Big Data"?
  • How can I manage risk of adopting new channels and technologies?

How we meet your demand

  • Experienced and qualified consulting team;
  • Result driven methodologies;
  • On-site direct lead on approach;
  • Customized and client focus solutions;
  • Latest software tools and appliances
  • High tech Research and Development Labs;
  • Versatile and flexible time scheduling;
  • Ample reporting & working with you on remediation;

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