A brainchild of LOLC Technologies, OASYS^ is an architectural masterpiece; an all-inclusive help desk system, built with state of the art integration technology. OASYS^ integrates an array of functional departments into one cohesive platform, enabling users to log, track and resolve issues in a variety of domains, using system parameters. The system also offers users flexibility of choosing between On-site and Cloud Based deployment based on the needs of the organisation. OASYS^ is currently utilized by over 4500 corporate users, with over 2000 issues and resolved every month.

Why choose OASYS^?

OASYS^ strictly upholds the service standards and monitoring mechanisms set up by ISO 20000/IEC 20000 : 2011 and has also been audited by ISO 20000 consultants.

All functional aspects of the OASYS^ system have been perfected over time. LOLC Technologies has had over a decade to enhance this system and ensure it integrates itself perfectly across organisational platforms.

Practical issues in implementation and use have been resolved and carefully moulded with a host of value added features that augment its functionality. The system works to streamline manual organisational processes, heighten efficiency and increase transparency in resolving issues.

OASYS^ provides:

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Limitless accessibility
  • Performance and service indicators
  • Business beyond IT
  • Increased productivity

Key features

  • Incident management
  • Tracking and categorisation (Ticket / Request management)
  • Self service
  • Dynamic Report Builder
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Dynamic Form Manager
  • Asset management

Benefits for your company

  • Users resolve operational issues conveniently and efficiently
  • Performance is measured against Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure quality
  • Identifies root causes to eliminate through data analysis
  • Streamlines/ Integrates people, processes and technology with ISO standards
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps manage a range of functional operations: Administrative, HR, Finance and IT
  • Reduces support call duration and volumes
  • Increases availability of business-critical systems by accelerating problem resolution
  • Enhances the user experience through self service activities
  • Increases transparency through visibility of the data/process flow
  • Enhances business satisfaction with service quality
  • Promotes harmonious collaboration between departments, end-users and senior management

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